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Detalles del producto

Last year we introduced the Evo range of depower kites, this year we are building on its success and have applied all the flyers feedback from the mk1 version to the new mk2, giving better low wind power, higher turning speed, more positive bar pressure when depowered, higher forward speed for more punch in the jumps. Inside the evo2 there have been changes with the internal reinforcements making the kite lighter and more agile in the sky. Bridle reductions have dramatically reduced the drag and the weight .As has the removal of unneeded internal risers. A completely new profile has given more speed, more lift, and a more solid feel to the kite even when unhooked allowing you freedom and ease of use in all conditions.

Safety is also a priority with the evo2 and the same trustworthy release system of the evo1 remains on this kite. Positive bar pressure in all positions.The sail has been tailored with a larger undulation in the topskin across the span (bulge between cells), this gives a higher angle of attack to the stall point allowing a greater range of input from the bar before the wing will stall (known as a soft stall characteristic)associated with paragliders.

New profile for larger jumps and more forward and turning speed. Reduced bridle and wing construction for better lift/drag ratio.Soft stall wing design for greater useable range in angle of attack.New striking graphics, and new improved fabric.

El Pack Incluye

Pack evo2

Datos técnicos

6.0 m
478x143cm Ripstop 42gr
CLIMAX Dyneema 250 kg

8.0 m
542x162cm Ripstop 42gr
CLIMAX Dyneema 250 kg

10.0 m
600x171cm Ripstop 42gr
CLIMAX Dyneema 250 kg

12.0 m
640x194cm Ripstop 42gr
CLIMAX Dyneema 250 kg

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